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1.Choose the food you want most
2.Call us to take the order
(phone number is:18061920630)
3.Pay your bill
4.We'll combine these food into a package for you
5.Every day we have a mystery gift for you


Our chefs provide you with perfect cooking, the best dishes, fresh ingredients and the right recipes to match.We only serve fresh ingredients carefully sourced to produce exquisite dishes.You can choose your favorite combination on our website.

Dinner ¥49

Daily menu and ingredients




Peripheral Products

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White long sleeve button up T-shirt


or 980 points

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Handsome black short and long sleeve top


or 980 points

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Best Value

A set of three white notebooks


or 980 points

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Beige canvas cross-body bag


or 980 points

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Fashion college style black schoolbag


or 980 points

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Pure white long sleeve T-shirt


or 980 points

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What do our customers say

Customer feedback


Wei Li


The taste of this shop is very good, the ingredients are particularly fresh, the shop decoration is also good, very recommend you to try.

Lele Tian


Then I ate the daily menu and the weight really dropped.I often order the food from this restaurant when I am working. It is nutritious and healthy, and I can control my weight.Losing weight has become painless.

Hao Cheng

Founder, Tesla

I have been working out recently, so my body's demand for protein has become higher. This store can well meet my needs. The food is fresh, the service is good, the boss is nice, and the mysterious little gifts are lovely every day.



Weekly Menu discount
Purchase daily menu for one day without any discount
Buy the three-day weekly menu once and enjoy a discount of 5%
Buy a seven-day daily menu once and get 15% off
Buy the 30-day daily menu once and enjoy a 25% discount

Planning is under way. Please,stay tuned.

VIP can use the points, free exchange online shop around the restaurant.You get 1 point if you spend more than 1 yuan.

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Thank you very much for choosing our restaurant. Welcome to join us!